Living with Type I Diabetes

The Emergency Room and I greeted each other earlier tonight despite the ice and frigid temperatures thanks to D.

My blood sugars decided to be stubborn for the third time today and stay above 300 no matter how much insulin I pumped (or shot) into my body. Didn’t get quite as high as last night, thank God, but high enough to freak me out and cause my mother who is 13 hours away to threaten to “drive over to North Texas–snow, ice, and all–to make sure I’m taking care of myself.”

Plus… my ears/head are killing me and my throat is now hurting so bad I can barely swallow. Turns out I have a severe middle ear infection. –Haven’t had one of those since I was a kid!!

All of that to say, I’m glad I went. BG a much safer 199 now and seems to be trending down based on the last few checks… and I know why my head/ears/throat are on fire!

I had one problem during my soiree at the Regional:

{Exchange between the ER physician, whom I’ve seen before, and Me}–

Doctor: “You sure have a lot of medical problems for someone your age.” (mind you, this is the FOURTH time I’ve seen this ER doctor since I moved here…he made it clear that he remembered me).

Me: “<<<crickets>>>

Doctor: “You were the one………” (and he starts to list)

-23 blood sugar/CPR/coma last fall

-eating disorder treatment

-wrist surgery  (and proceeds to walk over to the bed to look at my wrist… my surgery was 2 1/2 months ago…he wasn’t the surgeon, he was just at the er that day, and my wrist is 100% healed)


Me: “<<<crickets>>>

What are you supposed to say to comments like that. “Thanks Doctor, can you remind me of some more situations like that? ….. Yes, I sure do have a lot of medical problems.. I hate my life.. I’m 22 and my life is ruined because I suffer from chronic diseases.”

AHHHHH!!!! Now granted, my PCP, Endo, and CDE aren’t like that at all, but some people in the healthcare field just drive me crazy with their pre-judgement and insensitivity.

What they don’t know (and sometimes don’t even care to ask) is that yes, it IS difficult sometimes and yes, there ARE times I just want to scream at anything that walks (and sometimes even anything that doesn’t…a wall will do just fine), but even when I am going through those difficult moments, my illness doesn’t make me WHO I AM…just like when I am going through happy, celebratory, and joyous moments, my illness doesn’t make me WHO I’s just a part of my life—an aspect of the big picture.

So, to me, in that respect, just because someone is in “perfect health” doesn’t mean WHO THEY ARE is perfect…so why is it that those of us with a lil’ extra to deal with (i.e. a chronic illness like diabetes) become ‘tainted’ by our illness in the eyes of some?

Just a Question.

Comments on: "Emergency Room, Insensitivity, & Insight" (5)

  1. i hear you! sigh. some people never learn, i guess. thanks for commenting on my blog–now I found yours! 🙂

  2. I have had my fair share of medical staff say dumb stuff like, “Woah, you’re too young to be on this much medication.”. “Oooh, you’re body is really a mess for how young you are”, “You don’t look sick”…
    Makes me wanna punch them in the face!

    I found your blog through a comment you made on “Arnold and Me”. You mentioned your CDE gave you a sheet on pump and exercise. Is there any way I could get a copy of that?

    Would you be able to email it to me at:

    Thanks…and have a great week!

    • Thanks Jen. –I’ll scan the sheet from my CDE into my computer this weekend and email it to you.

      • Thanks Bekah.
        I basically stopped working out for 2 years because I was so frustrated with my numbers going up and down so much (and here I am 25 pounds later) 😦

        I really appreciate it!

        Congrats on starting the blog!

  3. You should have said,

    “And every time I come in here, you’re still an assface.”

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