Living with Type I Diabetes

Why Hello…

Hello fellow PWD and others!

After reading multiple other blogs for the better part of the last few months, I finally decided to join the DOC and jump in with my own blog, stories, and love for writing.

Now, let me tell ya…for someone who somehow manages to test blood sugars, estima– (er..I mean count) carbs in multiple food products, and place tons of numbers into a little machine named Tequila (my pump) multiple times a day SURE knows how to procrastinate when it comes to starting up a blog! …It was even a Snow Day today (benefits of being a teacher..woo hoo) and I still didn’t even manage to start this whole sha-bang until 11pm!! …and then I got so into that when my 11pm bg came up at 268 (I’ve been sick) and I went to the bathroom, I FORGOT to bolus!!!

DARMMIT!! What was I thinking?! Now, if I wasn’t sick and all, Mr. 268 may have come down a bit. But No.

1am. Head Spinning. Nausea a bit. Have to Pee. Test Blood Sugar.

394. WHAT?! My bg hasn’t been this high since I got on my pump. Test again…just to confirm that Mr. One Touch isn’t pulling my leg.. and just to confirm that my spinning head is seeing the numbers right. It IS 1am. I HAVE been snowed in all day.  And my blood sugar IS almost 400.

Test #2: 396. Mr. One Touch is legit. Bolused with Trusty Tequila (not the kind in the Jose Cuervo bottle, Tequila’s my pump, remember).

Stare at computer screen. DO NOT fall asleep yet. Now is an example of a time when I wish I had my CGM on…or maybe not. From the stories I hear, I’d probably still be awake from it’s wonderful alarms anyway.

45min. later— 1:45am— 361. Setting my alarm for 3am. Yay for responsibility with D.

Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Stars. Goodnight PWD in the DOC.

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